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Physics Interfaces and Study Types
ExpandCharged Particle TracingYes
ExpandElectric Currents with Current ConservationYes
ExpandElectric Currents, ShellYes
ExpandElectrical CircuitYesYesYesYesYes
ExpandElectrostatics with Charge ConservationYes
ExpandMagnetic and Electric FieldsYes
ExpandMagnetic Field FormulationYes
ExpandMagnetic FieldsYes
ExpandMagnetic Fields, No CurrentsYes
ExpandParticle Field Interaction, Non-RelativisticYes
ExpandParticle Field Interaction, Relativistic1YesYes
ExpandRotating Machinery in 2D and 3D, MagneticYes
Boundary Conditions
Circuit TerminalYesYesYes
Contact ResistanceYes
Dielectric ShieldingYesYesYes
Distributed CapacitanceYesYesYes
Distributed ImpedanceYesYesYes
Distributed ResistanceYes
Electric ShieldingYesYesYes
Electrical ContactYes
Lumped PortYes
Magnetic ShieldingYes
Periodic Boundary ConditionYes
Sector SymmetryYes
Surface Charge AccumulationYes
Surface ImpedanceYes
Surface Magnetic CurrentYes
Thin Low Permeability GapYes
ExpandCoil Excitation in 2D, Axisymmetry, and 3DYes
ExpandFloating PotentialYesYesYes
ExpandFundamental Magnetic Boundary ConditionsYes
ExpandFundamental Voltage and Current Boundary ConditionsYes
Edge and Point Conditions
Edge/Line and Point Currents and ChargesYes
Electric Point DipoleYesYes
Magnetic Point DipoleYes
Electrical Circuit
Export of SPICE NetlistYesYesYesYesYes
Import of SPICE NetlistYesYesYesYesYes
Linear Passive Circuit ElementYesYesYesYesYes
Nonlinear & Active Circuit ElementYesYesYesYesYes
Voltage and Current SourceYesYesYesYesYes
Lumped Parameters
S, Y and Z parameter conversionsYesYesYes
ExpandCapacitance, Impedance and Admittance Matrix CalculationYesYesYes
ExpandInductance Matrix CalculationYes
ExpandS-Parameter Matrix CalculationYesYesYes
Particle Tracing
ExpandBoundary ConditionsYes
ExpandParticle Properties and ForcesYes
ExpandParticle ReleaseYes
Volumetric Domain Properties
1D, 2D, Axisymmetric, and 3D FormulationsYes
Charge ConservationYes
Electric Force and TorqueYesYes
Electric Infinite Domain Modeling with Infinite ElementsYesYesYes
Electromagnetic Force and TorqueYes
Magnetic Infinite Domain Modeling with Infinite ElementsYes
Prescribed RotationYes
Prescribed Rotational VelocityYes
Reduced Field Formulation for Magnetic FieldsYes
RLC Coil Group in 2D and AxisymmetryYes
Space Charge DensityYes
ExpandCoil Excitation in 2D, Axisymmetry, and 3DYes
ExpandCurrent ConservationYes
Constitutive Relations
Anisotropic MaterialsYes
BH CurveYes
Constitutive Relationships for Magnetic Fields, 3DYes
Electric ConductivityYes
Fundamental Constitutive RelationsYes
Linearized ResistivityYes
Lorentz Velocity, 3DYes
Lorentz Velocity. 2DYes
Magnetic LossesYes
Porous Media and Mixture MaterialsYes
Relative PermeabilityYes
Relative PermittivityYes
Remanent DisplacementYes
Remanent Flux DensityYes


Physics Interfaces and Study Types
Acoustic-Structure Interaction
ExpandAcoustic-Elastic Waves InteractionYes
ExpandAcoustic-Piezoelectric Interaction, Frequency DomainYes
ExpandAcoustic-Piezoelectric Interaction, TransientYes
ExpandAcoustic-Poroelastic Waves InteractionYes
ExpandAcoustic-Shell Interaction, Frequency Domain1YesYes
ExpandAcoustic-Shell Interaction, Transient1YesYes
ExpandAcoustic-Solid Interaction, Frequency DomainYes
ExpandAcoustic-Solid Interaction, TransientYes
ExpandElastic wavesYes
ExpandPipe Acoustics, Frequency Domain1YesYes
ExpandPipe Acoustics, Transient1YesYes
ExpandPoroelastic WavesYes
ExpandCompressible Potential FlowYes
ExpandLinearized Euler, Frequency DomainYes
ExpandLinearized Euler, TransientYes
ExpandLinearized Navier-Stokes, Frequency DomainYes
ExpandLinearized Navier-Stokes, TransientYes
ExpandLinearized Potential Flow, Boundary ModeYes
ExpandLinearized Potential Flow, Frequency DomainYes
ExpandLinearized Potential Flow, TransientYes
Geometrical Acoustics
ExpandAcoustic Diffusion EquationYes
ExpandRay AcousticsYes
Pressure Acoustics
ExpandBoundary Mode AcousticsYes
ExpandPressure Acoustics, Frequency DomainYes
ExpandPressure Acoustics, TransientYes
ExpandAcoustic-Thermoacoustic Interaction, Frequency DomainYes
ExpandThermoacoustic-Shell Interaction, Frequency Domain1YesYes
ExpandThermoacoustic-Solid Interaction, Frequency DomainYes
ExpandThermoacoustics, Frequency DomainYes
Boundary Conditions
Acoustic-Structure Interaction
ExpandPoroelastic Material (Poroelastic Waves)Yes
ExpandSolid MechanicsYes
ExpandCompressible Potential FlowYes
ExpandLinearized EulerYes
ExpandLinearized Navier-StokesYes
ExpandLinearized Potential FlowYes
Geometrical Acoustics
Acoustic Diffusion Equation
Inward Energy FluxYes
Mapped Room CouplingYes
Room CouplingYes
Ray Acoustics
Material DiscontinuityYes
Pressure Acoustics
Cylindrical-Wave RadiationYes
Far-Field CalculationYes
Interior ImpedanceYes
Interior Normal AccelerationYes
Interior Perforated PlateYes
Interior Sound Hard BoundaryYes
Matched BoundaryYes
Normal AccelerationYes
Normal DisplacementYes
Normal VelocityYes
Plane-Wave RadiationYes
Prescribed PressureYes
Sound Hard Boundary (Wall)Yes
Sound Soft BoundaryYes
Spherical-Wave RadiationYes
ExpandPeriodic ConditionYes
Impedance (boundary impedance models)
User definedYes
ExpandCharacteristic Specific ImpedanceYes
ExpandPorous LayerYes
ExpandWaveguide end impedanceYes
Interior Normal ImpedanceYes
Interior VelocityYes
Interior WallYes
Prescribed Pressure (Adiabatic)Yes
Symmetry ConditionYes
ExpandMechanical ConditionsYes
ExpandPeriodic ConditionYes
ExpandThermal ConditionsYes
Edge and Point Conditions
Mass Flow Edge and Point SourceYes
Point SourceYes
Shell Edge and Point ConditionsYes
Solid Edge and Point Fixed ConstraintYes
Solid Edge and Point LoadYes
Solid Edge and Point Prescribed DisplacementYes
Solid Spring FoundationYesYesYes
ExpandDipole Point SourceYes
ExpandLine SourceYes
ExpandMonopole Point SourceYes
ExpandQuadrupole Point SourceYes
Pipe Acoustics
Boundary Multiphysics Couplings
ExpandAcoustic-Porous BoundaryYes
ExpandAcoustic-Structure BoundaryYes
ExpandAcoustic-Thermoacoustic BoundaryYes
ExpandAeroacoustic-Structure BoundaryYes