KOSTAL to Speak about Automotive Product Development in Milan

Fanny Littmarck September 20, 2012
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In less than a month the COMSOL Conference will make its second stop in Milan, Italy. If you’re in the automotive field, we think you’ll especially appreciate our keynote speaker Dr. Matthias Richwin of KOSTAL, who will speak about multiphysics simulations within Automotive Product Development.

The Keynote Talk

Needless to say, there’s a lot that goes into making cars. (You may have seen a particular car commercial spelling out the different steps involved). The world of automotive product development has come a long way since the earliest motor vehicles, and even compared with only a few years ago. Gone are the more simple switches and feedback requirements of past car interfaces; today consumers expect and enjoy touch-screen functionalities and LED lighting, to name a few. Automobile manufacturers need to keep up with — and stay ahead of — these trends. Dr. Richwin of KOSTAL will be addressing this (and more) at the COMSOL Conference 2012 Milan this October, in his presentation “Multiphysics Simulations in Automotive Product Development: Concept and Beyond”.


The KOSTAL Group is based out of Lüdenscheid, Germany and consists of four main business divisions, namely Automotive Electrical Systems, Industrial Electronics, Connectors, and Test Technology. KOSTAL is a global first-tier supplier of automotive interior switches, sensors, and power electronics. They rely on their internal technical expertise to continue to develop high-performing parts used to manufacture cutting-edge products.


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