Diverse Technologies and Systems Ltd.

Diverse Technologies and Systems Ltd.

Diverse provides - specialist consulting services to a wide range of international clients. Working with our customers we have developed many new innovative technologies and products using optical CAD, electronic CAD, mechanical CAD and advanced computational and multi-physics analysis, simulation & optimisation techniques.

We specialise in optical and magnetic systems ranging from lighting, imaging and photometry technology to large petrochemical applications. Products designed by Diverse are used in the automotive, lighting, medical, white goods and industrial market sectors.

Examples of our work include novel escape way lighting, road furniture, demagnetising equipment, vehicle lighting and instrumentation and sensors for industrial applications. Using our CAD and a range of advanced computational techniques our rationale is to expend effort to get a good understanding using predictive models so that there is a high confidence in the design before commissioning of expensive tooling.

Diverse manufacture its own range of specialist magnetic products including magnetic meters, ferricity measurement and a wide range of demagnetising equipment.

Our lab facilities include optics, electronics and mechanical assembly. The optical test equipment available includes a wide variety of optical stages, lenses, lasers and other devices. The magnetic equipment includes a variety of magnetic measuring devices as well as conventional electronic measurement support. Many product designs use embedded microcontrollers and Diverse has extensive experience of this and a wide range of software tools.

Diverse provide the following services:

  • Multi-physics Analysis including magnetic, electrostatic and mechanical solutions in COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Photometry and optical analysis
  • Optimisation of complex interdependencies
  • Demagnetising of large industrial parts
  • Electronic and software support

Address & Contact Information

Diverse Technologies and Systems Ltd.
Zeromag House
46-48 Whittlesford Road
CB22 5EW
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 84 44 44
Email: sales@diverse-technologies.net