The new LiveLink™ for Excel®, which extends your COMSOL modeling environment with an interface between COMSOL Multiphysics and Microsoft Excel 2010. With LiveLink™ for Excel®, you can use a spreadsheet to access model data in cell, such as definitions or results. You can edit the data and update the model to compute the solution. You can also access the Excel data directly from the COMSOL Desktop: import or export the model definition from, respectively to, an Excel spreadsheet. A COMSOL 4.3a toolbar becomes available in the Excel menu, and on that toolbar you find utilities to operate to a COMSOL model.

From the Excel interface you can open a COMSOL model (saved in the MPH-format) in a COMSOL server. The first time you open a file, Excel starts a COMSOL server where the model is loaded. The data transfer between Excel and the COMSOL server is performed using a TCP/IP communication protocol.

Once the model is loaded in the COMSOL server you can import into Excel the model definitions such as model parameters, variables, and functions. The data name, expression, units, and description are listed in the Excel in separate cells. These cells can be edited as in any Excel spreadsheet. Data transfer from Excel to the COMSOL model is then done using a manual update operation.