New Functionality in Version 4.1

  • New Tresca stress yield function for elastoplastic materials.
  • Rigid connector boundary condition in 2D.
  • Accuracy of shell elements has been improved.
  • Boundary conditions for prescribed velocity and acceleration in the Shell, Plate, Beam, and Truss interfaces.
  • Improved support for cross-section orientation in beams. It is now possible to use different orientations for the same cross section. You can also specify the orientation as a direction vector in addition to the previous method with a control point.

Backward Compatibility

Cross-Section Library

The cross-section library for beams is not available in version 4.1. This is planned for version 4.2.

Plane Stress

Version 4 represents the out-of-plane strain as a separate degree of freedom. Plane stress models made with version 3.5a need to be re-solved to correctly display strains and stresses. Displacements are correctly displayed.


Symbols in the graphics window representing constraints and loads are not yet available in version 4.1. Symbols will be available in version 4.2.

Direct solver used in 3D by default

Version 4.1 reintroduces the direct solver MUMPS as default linear solver in 3D.