Simulation and Analysis of Two Fans Air Speed Match Design in Off-Road Mine Tract Generator Using COMSOL

Y. Shen[1], D. Wu[1]
[1]Beijing University of Science & Technology, Beijing, China
Published in 2012

This paper describes a model of self-ventilated generator cooling on a 170 tons off-road mine dump truck. Considering the space restrictions of mine dump truck, the cooling systems for the generator and the in-wheel motors of the rear axle share one air inlet duct. With the action of generator fan and rear duct fan, cooling air from the inlet duct will be divided into two parts to cool the generator and the in-wheel motors of the rear axle, respectively. To design the cooling system of generator is a typical multiphysics problem, involving flow field, thermal field and so on. Here we built a model to simulate the interaction of fans’ parameters on the cooling performance by using COMSOL.