Air Bubbles Motion Through Fresh Concrete During Concreting Process

E. Chuta [1], J. Jeong [2],
[1] Université Paris-Est, IRC-ESTP, Cachan, France
[2] IRC-ESTP, Cachan, France
Published in 2015

Over the last years, the concrete technology has progressed in order to improve the quality of its use and mechanical performances. Despite the technical development known in the context of concrete, the esthetic aspect remains weakly treated. Among the esthetic problems, there is the formation and dispersion of air bubbles (Bugholes) inside the concrete during the concreting process. An important class of non-Newtonian materials exhibits a yield stress (such as fresh concrete), which must be exceeded before significant deformation can occur. The results show that the concrete density and yield stress, influence on the air bubble motion, more the concrete density increases, more the air bubble motion will be constraint and vice versa.