Distributed SPICE Model of Bipolar Transistor

Application ID: 446

Integrated semiconductor devices are used in almost all electrical equipment, and the bipolar junction transistor (BJT) is still a very important device although the MOS technology has taken over a large part of the market. Especially in technologies with new types of semiconductors the bipolar transistor can be the best choice for optimum performance. The BJT consists of three semiconductor layers of alternating dopant type (N-type and P-type) forming an NPN or a PNP structure. These structures can control a large current using a much smaller current.

This particular example describes a high-voltage NPN BJT fabricated from a semiconductor called silicon carbide (SiC). This semiconductor device combines high voltage properties (larger than 1000 V) and fast switching (larger than 1 MHz), which is impossible to achieve with comparable silicon devices. The applications for the device are in the drive electronics of electric motors and switched voltage supplies.

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