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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 Update 2 51 0 2 days ago
Announcement Announcement COMSOL Conference 2017 - Submit your abstracts by *June 30th* 145 0 2 weeks ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Ngo Dinh Nhan Ngo Dinh Nhan How can I optimize the Time-step in Time-dependent analysis 29 2 3 hours ago
Jordan  Dargert Jordan Dargert Quick question: Dynamic viscosity 37 2 3 hours ago
Aladin Muha Aladin Muha Squeeze film 9 0 3 hours ago
Agus Chicha Agus Chicha Periodic Boundary conditions.
Structural Mechanics , Periodic boundary conditions
2,586 4 4 hours ago
Shashank Vasudevan Shashank Vasudevan No wave propagation 22 1 4 hours ago
Jacopo Marconi Jacopo Marconi Piezo shunts and eigenfrequency analysis 34 2 4 hours ago
Nairouz Farah Nairouz Farah using stored solution in a matlab loop
4.4 , LiveLink products
239 1 5 hours ago
Ngo Dinh Nhan Ngo Dinh Nhan Does anyone encounter the strange problem in Particle Trajectories study 11 0 6 hours ago
John Stasko John Stasko New user-defined material
4.2a , Material library
1,405 4 6 hours ago
Artem Polunin Artem Polunin Calculating of torque
4.2a , AC/DC Module , Results and visualization , Solving
5,491 5 7 hours ago
Yuan Guo Yuan Guo Why Particle Tracing for Fluid Flow can not used in dense flow model?
Particle Tracing Module
311 1 9 hours ago
Etienne Jambon-Puillet Etienne Jambon-Puillet Evaporation/Dissolution of a sphere and moving mesh (ALE): results not matching theory 27 1 9 hours ago
Manuel Münch Manuel Münch Particle Tracing 12 0 9 hours ago
jQ jQ Permanent Magnet Setting 32 1 11 hours ago
Asish GV Asish GV PMUT Modelling 17 0 12 hours ago
Mehdi Khan Mehdi Khan halbach array 8 magnet
4.2 , AC/DC Module , Materials and functions , Results and visualization , Mesh , Solving , Geometry
8,435 13 18 hours ago
James James Which variable(s) denote fluid shear on a surface in 3D 70 5 24 hours ago
Suruchi Kumari Suruchi Kumari error during meshing
1,361 3 1 day ago
Vishnuvardhan  Janapati Vishnuvardhan Janapati Issues with swept mesh 19 0 1 day ago
Martin Martin addition / subtraction of derived values 28 1 1 day ago
Aladin Muha Aladin Muha Blowing of a membrane 18 0 1 day ago
Lucas Martin Lucas Martin Seeking advice about Porous material CFD 22 0 1 day ago
Laura Kimpton Laura Kimpton Using boundary load condition at an interface in solid mechanics module
Structural Mechanics
911 7 1 day ago
Atiqa Bano Atiqa Bano Interpolation function for displacement fields 24 0 1 day ago
Prabhjot Kaur Prabhjot Kaur plot gain in comsol version 5.0 ? 17 0 1 day ago

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