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UG Course Projects in Biomedical/Biological Transport Processes
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UG Course Projects in Biomedical/Biological Transport Processes

Ashim Datta, Cornell University

A project-based course (taught since 1996) to help undergraduates think of computer simulation as an important practical tool in design and research projects in the industry as well as academia. Student groups come up with project ideas on their own and go through problem formulation all the way to parametric sensitivity analysis. COMSOL has drastically improved the computation capabilities and ease of use so that we can introduce more realistic physics, multiphysics or complex geometry and spend more time on model validation, written and oral communication, and design. All project reports are at

A textbook integrates instruction of how to model transport processes (problem formulation, etc.) with COMSOL use ( The newcomer to modeling and/or COMSOL can use the Case Studies in this book to self-learn modeling in biological/biomedical applications.

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Richard Storm
May 18, 2016 at 10:44pm UTC

Why the files are not here anymore?

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