Piezo Devices Papers from the 2010 COMSOL Conference

Phil Kinnane March 30, 2011
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COMSOL can be used to model a wide range of Piezoelectric devices including transducers, actuators, sensors and more. Properties for 23 different piezoelectric materials are built into COMSOL and you can easily extend this material library. The user interface allows eigenfrequency, frequency domain, stationary and time dependent analysis which can be easily coupled to other linear and non-linear materials. It can also be coupled to fluids for modeling Piezo-Fluid interactions and Piezo-Acoustic interactions.

Here is a listing of the latest Piezo Device papers and presentations that were presented at the COMSOL Multiphysics Boston Conference in the Fall of 2010.

See additional Piezo related models and Piezo related papers.


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