COMSOL Conference 2015

Heat Transfer and Phase Change

Read this collection of papers, presentations, and posters to see how researchers are using multiphysics simulation to model applications involving heat transfer and phase change, such as heat sinks, heat exchangers, and phase change materials.

2D Axisymmetric Temperature Profile Modeling of a Delayed Coking Drum During Pre-Run Warm Up

P. H. A. Valenca , A. Waturuocha , K. Wisecarver

Russell School of Chemical Engineering, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK, USA

3-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Radio Frequency Selective Heating of Insects In Soybeans

S. Wang , Z. Huang

Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi, China

3D Modeling of Hydrogen Absorption in Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Bottles

R. Busqué 1, R. Torres 1, A. Husar 2, J. Grau 1

1 Escola Universitària d'Enginyeria Tècnica Industrial de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
2 Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial CSIC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain

3D Numerical Modeling of Vertical Geothermal Probes

J. M. Dedulle 1, D. Nguyen 2

1 SIMTEC, Grenoble, France
2 BRGM, Montpellier, France

3D Simulation of Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy in the Treatment of Brain Tumors

M. Nour , A. Lakhssassi , E. Kengne , M. Bougataya

Université du Québec en Outaouais, Gatineau, QC, Canada

A 1-D Model of the 4 Bed Molecular Sieve of the Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly

R. Coker , J. Knox

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL, USA

A COMSOL Multiphysics® App for the Thermal Analysis of Electronic Devices

G. Petrone , C. Barbagallo , M. Scionti

BE CAE & TEST, Catania, Italy

A Model Coupling Water Transport with Local Deformation and Polymer Phase Transition

A. Briffaz 1, J. M. Méot 2, P. Bohuon 3, C. Mestres 2, B. Matignon 2, M. Dornier 3

1 CIRAD, Montpellier, France
2 CIRAD, Montpellier, France
3 Montpellier SupAgro, Montpellier, France

A Model of Heat Transfer in Metal Foaming

Bruno Chinè 1, Valerio Mussi 2, Michele Monno 3, Andrea Rossi 2

1 School of Materials Science and Engineering, Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Cartago, Costa Rica
2 Macchine Utensili e Sistemi di Produzione, Piacenza, Italy
3 Dipartimento di Meccanica, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy

A Study on Hydrodynamics of Melt Expulsion in Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser Drilling of Titanium

S. Sharma 1, Y. Pachuary 2, S. N. Akhtar 3, J. Ramkumar 1

1 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, India
2 Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur, India
3 Integral University, Lucknow, India

Aerothermal Simulation of a Refrigerated Truck Under Open/Closed-Door Cycles

P. Namy 1, A. Oury 1, M. Youbi-Idrissi 2

1 SIMTEC, Grenoble, France
2 AIR LIQUIDE, Jouy en Josas, France

Análise de Influência da Utilização de Propriedades Termodependentes na Simulação de Juntas Soldadas

A. A. S. B. Cruz , N. S. B. da Silva

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, PB, Brasil

Application of COMSOL Multiphysics® Software to Model Temperature Changes in Buildings with PCM Incorporated in Their Elements

N. P. Sharifi , A. A. N. Shaikh , A. R. Sakulich

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, USA

Asymmetry Induced Terminal Voltage Improvement in Mg2Si-based Thermoelectric Unicouple

P. Priyadarshi , J. Bahl , B. Muralidharan

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India

CFD Analysis of a Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger

K. Wegman , X. Sun

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

COMSOL Multiphysics® Software Activities Within the Research Reactors Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory

J. D. Freels 1, P. K. Jain 1, C. J. Hurt 2, F. G. Curtis 1, M. W. Crowell 1, E. L. Popov 1

1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, USA
2 University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA

COMSOL Multiphysics® for Building Energy Simulation (BES) Using BESTEST Criteria

A.W.M. (J.) Van Schijndel , D. P. M. Jacobs

Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands

COMSOL Simulation of Flash Lamp Annealed Multilayers for Solid State Electrolyte Fabrication

C. Cherkouk , T. Nestler , M. Zschornak , T. Leisegang , D. C. Meyer

Institute of Experimental Physics, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Freiberg, Germany

Computer Simulation of Microwave Heating of Initially Frozen Sandwiches Using COMSOL Multiphysics® Application Builder

D. Fu 1, L. Wang 2, J. Liao 1, S. Dus 1, K. Bearson 1

1 Tyson Foods, Downers Grove, IL, USA
2 Simulprocess, Summerfield, NC, USA

Cooling Study of Baffles Integration in the Molding Industry

B. Noailles 1 , S. Meunier 1, V. Bruyere 2

1 RocTool, Savoie Technolac, Module R, France
2 SIMTEC, France

Cooling and Hardening during Injection Molding of Field Joint Coatings for Deep Sea Pipelines

L. Van Lokeren 1, R. Verhelle 1, S. Loulidi 1, H. Boyd 2, G. Ridolfi 2, G. Van Assche 1

1 Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
2 Heerema Marine Contractors, Leiden, The Netherlands

Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer Model to Simulate Hygrothermal Behavior of Bio-Based Materials

M. Asli , F. Brachelet , A. Chauchois , E. Antczak

Université d'Artois, Béthune, France

Coupled Numerical Modeling and Thermodynamic Approach for SiC Growth Process

J. M. Dedulle 1, K. Ariyawong 1, D. Chaussende 2

1 Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France
2 CNRS, Grenoble, France

DPF Regeneration using MW

N. Manivannan , N. Alozie , D. Brennan , M. Abbod , W. Balachandran

Brunel University, Kingston Road, Uxbridge, United Kingdom

Design of Solar Thermal Dryers for 24-hour Food Drying Processes

F. S. Alleyne , R. R. Milczarek

Healthy Processed Foods Research Unit, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Albany, CA, USA

Design, Simulation, and Fabrication of Thermal Angular Accelerometers

H. Alrowais

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA

Development of a Laser Cladding Process Model

F. Wirth , K. Wegener

IWF, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Development of a RheoDSC, an Instrument for Simultaneous Rheological and Calorimetric Measurements

L. Van Lokeren 1, R. Verhelle 1, C. Block 1, P. Van Puyvelde 2, G. Van Assche 1

1 Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
2 Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Development of a Thermal Model Using COMSOL Multiphysics® Software

A. Oukaira , A. Lakhssassi

Department of Computer Science, Université du Québec en Outaouais à Hull, Gatineau, QC, Canada

Development of a Thermo-Hydro-Geochemical Model for Low-Temperature Geoexchange Applications

F. Eppner , P. Pasquier , P. Baudron

École Polytechnique de Montréal, Montréal, QC, Canada

Effect of Deficient Thermal Grease on the Junction Temperature of LEDs Package

K. B. Abdelmlek 1, Z. Araoud 1, K. Abderrazak 2, K. Charrada 1, G. Zissis 3

1 Unité d'Etude des Milieux Ionisés et Réactifs, Monastir, Monastir, Tunisia
2 Unité de Thermique et Thermodynamique des Procédés Industriels, Monastir, Monastir, Tunisia
3 Laboratoire Plasma et Conversion d'Énergie, Toulouse, France

Effect of Groundwater Flow on the Subsurface Temperature within Crystalline Rocks of Southern Norway

Y. P. Maystrenko , O. Olesen

Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), Trondheim, Norway

Elastic Wave Propagation and Heat Diffusion Studies in Polycrystalline Material

S Shivaprasad , S. Unnikrishnakurup , K. Balasubramaniam , C. V. Krishnamurthy

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

FEM Convergence for PDEs with Point Sources in 2-D and 3-D

M. Gobbert 1, K. M. Kalayeh 2, J. S. Graf 1

1 Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Maryland - Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD, USA
2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland - Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD, USA

Geometric Multigrid Solver and Experimental Validation in Laser Surface Remelting

M. M. Pariona , F. de Oliveira

State University of Ponta Grossa, PR, Brazil

Heat Generation Modeling of Two Lithium Batteries: from the Cell to the Pack in COMSOL Multiphysics® Software

J. Stoudmann 1, R. Rozsnyo 1, T. Mackin 2, J. Dunning 2

1 Haute École du paysage, d'ingénierie et d'architecture, Genève, Switzerland
2 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Implicit Large Eddy Simulations of 2D Flow and Heat Transfer in Thermoacoustic Resonators

N. Martaj [1,2], S. Savarese [3], S. Kouidri [3], M. M. ALI [4,5]

1 EPF Ecole d’ingénieurs, Montpellier, France
2 Institut d'Electronique et des Systèmes, Université de Montpellier, Montpellier, France
3 Armélio, Les Ulis, Courtabœuf, France
4 LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France
5 UPMC Univ Paris 06, Paris, France

Improvements on Cyclotron Gas Target Cooling System Using COMSOL Multiphysics® Software

F. M. Alrumayan , Q. Akkam , S. Alqaryan

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Interface Phenomena for a Multifunctional Air-Water Micro-Particle Collecting and Filtering System

E. Lacatus , A. Tudor , G. C. Alecu

Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania

Inverse Problem and a New Device to Estimate Thermal Conductivity of Composite Phase Change Material

M. Karkri 1, A. Nachaoui 2

1 Université Paris-Est, CERTES, Créteil Cedex, France
2 Département de Mathématiques 2, Nantes Cedex, France

Keyhole Behavior During Spot Laser Welding

V. Bruyere 1, C. Touvrey 2, P. Namy 1

1 SIMTEC, Grenoble, France
2 CEA DAM, Is-sur-Tille, France

Laser Assisted Brazing of Titanium to Aluminum Alloy

I. Tomashchuk , P. Sallamand , M. Duband

Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne, Université de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Comté, France

MEMS based Gecko Foot for Micro Robotics

A. Pasumarthy , H. Sinha , A. Islam

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Leakage from Oil and Gas Wells

J. S. Crompton 1, H. Spencer 2, J. Thomas 1, K. Koppenhoefer 1

1 AltaSim Technologies, Columbus, OH, USA
2 Seal Well, Calgary, AB, Canada

Modeling Microwave Heating During Batch Processing of a Liquid Sample in a Single Mode Cavity

S. Curet , F. Bellicanta Begnini , O. Rouaud , L. Boillereaux

L’UNAM Université, ONIRIS, CNRS, GEPEA, Nantes, France

Modeling Thermal Effects of Battery Cells Inside Electric Vehicle Battery Packs

M. R. Khan , S. K. Kær

Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

Modeling a DC Plasma Torch with COMSOL Multiphysics® Software

Bruno Chine' 1, Manuel Francisco Mata 2, Ivan Vargas 3

1 School of Materials Science and Engineering, Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Cartago, Costa Rica
2 School of Electromechanics Engineering, Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Cartago, Costa Rica
3 School of Physics, Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Cartago, Costa Rica

Modeling and Simulation of Hydration Operation of Date Palm Fruits Using COMSOL Multiphysics

S. Curet 1, A. Lakoud 2, M. Hassouna 2

1 L’UNAM Université, ONIRIS, CNRS, GEPEA, Nantes, France
2 Ecole Supérieure des Industries Alimentaires de Tunis, Tunis El Khadra, Tunisie

Modeling and Simulation of the Consolidation Behaviour of Cemented Paste Backfill

L. Cui , M. Fall

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Modeling of Humidification using COMSOL Multiphysics®

I. Wadgaonkar

Tata Motors Ltd., Pune India

Modeling of Non-isothermal Reacting Flow in Fluidized Bed Reactors

V. Orava 1, O. Souček 2, P. Cendula 1

1 Institute of Computational Physics, ZHAW, Winterthur, Switzerland
2 Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Modeling of Residual Stresses in a Butt-welded Joint with Experimental Validation

V. Srivastava

Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Ambernath, Thane, Maharashtra, India

Modeling of Stockton University Geothermal System Using COMSOL Multiphysics® and the Subsurface Flow Module

M. Sharobeam , S. Pal , G. Villanuna

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Stockton University, Galloway, NJ, USA

Modeling of Transport Phenomena in Laser Welding of Steels

A. Métais 1, S. Matteï 2, I. Tomashchuk 2, S. Gaied 1

1 ArcelorMittal, Montataire, France
2 Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne, Université Bourgogne Franche Comté, France

Modelling Heat and Mass Transfer in Microreactor for Methanol to Hydrocarbons

P. A. Delou [1,3], V. Degirmenci [2,3]

1 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
2 University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom
3 Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom

Multi-Dimensional Adsorption Model of CO2/H2O Sorbent Bed

C. Gomez , R. F. Coker , J. Knox , G. Schunk

NASA MSFC, Huntsville, AL, USA

Multi-Dimensional Simulation of Flows Inside Mono and Polydisperse Packed Beds

R.G. Schunk , J. C. Knox , K. Son [1, 2], R. F. Coker

1 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL, USA
2 Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

Multiphysics Analysis of an Infrared Bolometer

J. S. Crompton , J. Thomas , K. Koppenhoefer

AltaSim Technologies, Columbus, OH, USA

Multiphysics CAE Simulations of Casting Process for First-time-right Product Development

M. Hussain , Ramanathan S. , R. C. Thiagarajan

ATOA Scientific Technologies, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Multiphysics Modeling of Sound Absorbing Fibrous Materials

T. G. Zielinski

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

Multiphysics Simulation of a Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger

A. Daouk , O. E. Petel , H. Saari

Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Natural Convection around Horizontal Cylinders subjected to Non-uniform Heating

I. Khan

University of Central Lancashire, Preston, United Kingdom

Natural Refrigeration System Design

A. Prasad , O. K. Sacks , R. C. Thiagarajan

ATOA Scientific Technologies, Bengaluru, India

Numerical Analysis of Copper Heat Sink with Different Micro Pin Fins

S. V. Jadhav , P. M. Pawar

SVERI's College of Engineering, Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India

Numerical Characterization of Magnetostrictive Response of GalFeNol Samples for Energy Harvesting

G. Canciello 1, A. Cavallo 1, C. D'Avino 2, D. Tornese 2, C. Visone 3

1 Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione, Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Caserta CE, Italy
2 Teoresi Group S.p.A, Torino, Italy
3 Dipartimento di Ingegneria, Università del Sannio, Benevento BN, Italy

Numerical Characterizations of Visco-Plastic Behaviour of the TA6V with Metallurgic Phase Change

V. Bruyere 1, C. Touvrey 2, P. Namy 1

1 SIMTEC, Grenoble, France
2 CEA DAM, Valduc, Is-sur-Tille, France

Numerical Modeling of 3D Electrowetting Droplet Actuation and Cooling of a Hotspot

M. M. Nahar , H. Moon , G. S. Bindiganavane , J. Nikapitiya

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas - Arlington, Arlington, TX, USA

Numerical Simulation of Optimization of Process Parameters of Micro Wire EDM of Al-SiC Alloys Using COMSOL Software

K. V. S. Dheeraj , M. V. B. M. Kumar , M. Rithvik , T. Ramesh

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India

Numerical Study of Laminar Forced Convection Cooling of Circuit Board Mounted Heat Source Array

S. Durgam , S. P. Venkateshan , T. Sundararajan

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India

Optimization of Welding Parameters using 3D Heat and Fluid Flow Modeling of Keyhole Laser Welding

S. Gaied 1, M. Courtois 2, M. Carin 2, P. Le Masson 2

1 ArcelorMittal Global R&D, Montataire, France
2 LUniv. Bretagne-Sud, Lorient, France

Pre-clinical Modelling and Simulation of Hepatic Radiofrequency Ablation

S. Singh , R. Repaka ,

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India.

Predicting the Transformation of a Liquid Food Product within a Tubular Heat Exchanger

A. Plana-Fattori , E. Auger , C. Doursat , D. Flick

AgroParisTech, Paris, France

Sensibility Analysis of Inductance Involving an E-core Magnetic Circuit for Non Homogeneous Material

K. Z. Gomes , T. A. G. Tolosa , E. V. S. Pouzada

Mauá Institute of Technology, São Caetano do Sul, SP, Brazil

Simulating Experiments with the COMSOL Application Builder for Teaching Scientific Research Methods

A. W. M. van Schijndel

Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Simulation and Verification of Bionic Heat Exchangers with COMSOL Multiphysics® Software

A. Kremers , M. Pieper

Applied University Aachen, Aachen, Germany

Simulation of Spiral-Tube Heat Exchangers in COMSOL Multiphysics® Software

K. O. Lund 1, S. M. Lord 2

1 Kurt Lund Consulting (COMSOL Certified Consultant), Del Mar, CA, USA
2 SML Associates, Encinitas, CA, USA

Simulation of a Downsized FDM Nozzle

T. M. Hofstaetter

Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Simulation of the Cooling and Phase Change of a Melt-Cast Explosive

W. Sanhye 1, C. Dubois 1, P. Pelletier 2, I. Laroche 2

1 Department of Chemical Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal, Montréal, QC, Canada
2 General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-Canada Inc., Repentigny, QC, Canada

Single-Phase Modeling in Microchannel with Piranha Pin Fin

X. Yu 1, C. Woodcock 1, Y. Peles 2, J. Plawsky 1

1 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA
2 University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, USA

Stress Analysis on All-Ceramic Specimens of Different Geometries During Thermalcycling Tests

D. Fabris 1, B. Henriques 2, J. C. M. Souza 1, J. Guimarães 1, M. Fredel 1

1 Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil
2 Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Blumenau, SC, Brazil; and CMEMS-Uminho, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães, Portugal

Structural and Environmental Design of a Rainscreen System Using COMSOL Multiphysics

C. Guido Galante 1, M. Donà 2

1 Newtecnic Ltd, London, England, UK
2 University of Cambridge, UK

Study of Energy Transfer Mechanism for a Synchrotron X-ray Gas Absorber with COMSOL Multiphysics

A. Martín Ortega 1, Y. Dabin 1, T. Minea 2, A. Lacoste 3

1 ESRF, Grenoble, France
2 LPGP, Université Paris-Sud XI, Orsay, France
3 LPSC, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

Study of HVDC Grounding Systems Using Finite Element Methods

C. K. C. Arruda , A. A. Silveira , L. C. R. Vieira , F. C. Dart

CEPEL, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Temperature Propagation during Cell Stacking Processes for Lithium-Ion Cells

G. Liebig 1, P. Bohn 2, L. Komsiyska 1, S. Vasić 1

1 NEXT ENERGY EWE-Forschungszentrum, Oldenburg, Germany
2 AUDI AG, Ingolstadt, Germany

Thermal Modeling of Chlorination Reactor

A. A. Bhat , D. Sujish , B. Muralidharan , G. Padmakumar , K. K. Rajan

Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, India

Thermal Performance of a Deviated Deep Borehole Heat Exchanger: Insights from a Synthetic Heat and Flow Model

M. Le Lous 1, F. Larroque 1, A. Dupuy 1, A. Moignard 2

1 ENSEGID, Bordeaux, France
2 Fonroche Géothermie, Pau, France

Thermomechanical Modeling of Dislocation Density Increase During PVT of SiC Crystals

D. Jauffrès 1, J. M. Dedulle 2, D. Chaussende 2, K. Ariyawong 2

1 Univ. Grenoble Alpes, LMGP, SIMAP, CNRS, Grenoble, France
2 Univ. Grenoble Alpes, LMGP, CNRS, Grenoble, France

Topology Optimization of Thermal Heat Sinks

J. H. K. Haertel 1, K. Engelbrecht 1, B. S. Lazarov 2, O. Sigmund 2

1 Technical University of Denmark, Roskilde, Denmark
2 Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lynby, Denmark

Topology Optimization of an Actively Cooled Electronics Section for Downhole Tools

S. Soprani 1, J. H. K. Haertel 1, K. Engelbrecht 1, B. S. Lazarov 2, O. Sigmund 2

1 Technical University of Denmark - Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, Roskilde, Denmark
2 Technical University of Denmark - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lyngby, Denmark

Transient Model of a Fluorine Electrolysis Cell

J. Vukasin 1, I. Crassous 1, B. Morel 1, J. Sanchez-Marcano 2, P. Namy 3

1 HRP, AREVA NC, France
2 Institut Européen des Membranes - CNRS, France
3 Simtec, France

Using COMSOL Multiphysics to Model Crust Development at the Surface of Whole Beef Meat Subjected to Hot Air Jet

J. Sicard , S. Portanguen , C. Chevarin , A. Kondjoyan

INRA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Saint-Genès-Champanelle, FRANCE

Virtual Modeling of Thermo-Physiological Comfort in Clothing

P. Van Ransbeeck , R. Benoot , B. Van Der Smissen

University College Ghent, Faculty of Science and Nature, Department of Mechatronics, Belgium


张春 , 朱铧丞 , Ashim Datta





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