COMSOL Conference 2015

Geophysics and Geomechanics

See how COMSOL Multiphysics is being used to simulate a range of geophysics and geomechanics phenomena, such as reactive solute transport, flow in porous media, and fracture flow, to model geothermal reservoirs, waste management sites, underground mines, and more.

3D Numerical Modeling of Vertical Geothermal Probes

J. M. Dedulle 1, D. Nguyen 2

1 SIMTEC, Grenoble, France
2 BRGM, Montpellier, France

An Equivalent Kd-based Radionuclide Transport Model Implemented in COMSOL Multiphysics® Software

O. Silva 1, E. Abarca 1, J. Molinero 1, U. Kautsky 2

1 Amphos 21 Consulting, Barcelona, Spain
2 Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., Stockholm, Sweden

Benchmarking Tailored Formulations of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media

Á. Sainz [1,2], A. Nardi , E. Abarca , F. Grandía

1 Amphos 21 Consulting S.L., Barcelona, Spain
2 Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

COMSOL Multiphysics® Simulation of the Electrokinetic Effect in Gidrogeology

M. A. Narbut , K. V. Titov , P. K. Konosavsky

Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Development of COMSOL-Based Applications for Heavy Oil Reservoir Modeling

S. Cambon , I. Bogdanov

Open & Experimental Center for Heavy Oil (CHLOE), University of Pau, Pau, France

Development of a COMSOL Application for the Efficient Evaluation of an Engineered Barrier System

D. Sampietro 1, E. Abarca 1, H. von Schenck 2, J. Molinero 1

1 Amphos 21 Consulting S.L., Barcelona, Spain
2 Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., Stockholm, Sweden

Development of a Thermo-Hydro-Geochemical Model for Low-Temperature Geoexchange Applications

F. Eppner , P. Pasquier , P. Baudron

École Polytechnique de Montréal, Montréal, QC, Canada

Effect of Groundwater Flow on the Subsurface Temperature within Crystalline Rocks of Southern Norway

Y. P. Maystrenko , O. Olesen

Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), Trondheim, Norway

Effect of Parallel Strip Water Source Spacing on Lateral Infiltration Flux

M. García-Serrana , J. L. Nieber , J. S. Gulliver

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Integration of the DeProF Model for Two-Phase Flow in P.M. into the Subsurface Flow Module

M. S. Valavanides 1, E. D. Skouras 2, A. N. Kalarakis 3, V. N. Burganos 2

1 TEI Athens, Athens, Greece
2 FORTH/ICE-HT, Patras, Greece
3 TEI of Western Greece, Patras, Greece

Lithic Hypar: New Frontiers in Structural Stone Research

D. Malomo 1, V. Varano 2

1 DICEA, University of Rome, Italy
2 LAMS, University of Rome, Italy

Modeling and Simulation of the Consolidation Behaviour of Cemented Paste Backfill

L. Cui , M. Fall

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Modeling of Biocalcification in Non-Saturated Conditions

B. Courcelles , C. Raymond-Poirier

École Polytechnique de Montréal, Montréal, QC, Canada

New Thermo-Mechanical Fluid Flow Modeling of Multiscale Deformations in the Levant Basin

M. Belferman 1, R. Katsman 1, A. Agnon 2, Z. Ben-Avraham 1

1 The Dr. Moses Strauss Department of Marine Geosciences, Leon H.Charney School of marine sciences. Haifa University, Mt. Carmel, Haifa, Israel
2 Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Numerical Simulation of Quasi-steady-state Gas Flow in a Landfill

Q. Zheng

Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Permeability in Fragmented Materials and its Application to Underground Mining

S. Palma , R. Castro , A. Hekmat

Mining Engineering Department, Block Caving Laboratory, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

Quantification of Porosity Changes Due to Precipitation of Cement Materials with iCP

D. Sampietro 1, E. Abarca 1, M. Bayer 1, S. Jordana 1, J. Molinero 1, T. Tanaka 2, S. Hashimoto 2, T. Iwatsuki 3, H. Onoe 3, H. Saegusa 3

1 Amphos 21 Consulting, Barcelona, Spain
2 Obayashi Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
3 Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Gifu, Japan

Remote Sensing of Electromagnetically Penetrable Objects: Landmine and IED Detection

R. Eze 1, G. Sivulka 2,

1 City University of New York - LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, NY, USA
2 Regis High School, New York, NY, USA

Scraping Non-Newtonian Power-Law Paint

C. R. Meyer , J. R. Rice

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

Simulation of a Nozzle in a Borehole

E. Holzbecher 1, F. Sun 2

1 German University of Technology in Oman, Muscat, Oman, Germany
2 Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen, Germany

Solution of Poroelastic Equations with Different Base Variables Using Equation-based Modeling

M. H. Akanda , Y. Cao , A. J. Meir

Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA

Study of HVDC Grounding Systems Using Finite Element Methods

C. K. C. Arruda , A. A. Silveira , L. C. R. Vieira , F. C. Dart

CEPEL, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

The Use of COMSOL Multiphysics® Software to Explore Flooding and Rising Dampness Problems Related to Cultural Heritage

H.L. Schellen , A.W.M. van Schijndel

Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Thermal Performance of a Deviated Deep Borehole Heat Exchanger: Insights from a Synthetic Heat and Flow Model

M. Le Lous 1, F. Larroque 1, A. Dupuy 1, A. Moignard 2

1 ENSEGID, Bordeaux, France
2 Fonroche Géothermie, Pau, France

Two-phase Flow Calculations in Pore Unit Cells Implementing Mixed FEM/Lattice-Boltzmann Simulators

E. D. Skouras 12, A. N. Kalarakis 2, M. S. Valavanides 3, V. N. Burganos 1

1 Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas/Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences, Patras, Greece
2 Dept of Mechanical Engineering, TEI of Western Greece, Patras, Greece
3 Dept of Civil Engineering, Applied Mechanics Laboratory, TEI of Athens, Athens, Greece


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