License Options

Named Single User License (NSL)

One physical person designated to COMSOL® by name can run a session of the software. This designated user may be replaced on a temporary or permanent basis provided that only one individual is designated to COMSOL as the user at any given time. A Named Single User License may not be used or accessed over a network.

CPU-Locked Single User License (CPU)

You can install the software on one computer and different users can take turns using COMSOL on that computer, one session at a time. A CPU-Locked Single User License may not be used or accessed over a network.

Floating Network License (FNL)

Licensed per concurrent user, you can install the software on as many machines on your network as you want. COMSOL can run on local computers with the network being used only for license authentication, or alternatively you can run COMSOL on a remote computer over your network. Cluster computing is supported on Windows® and Linux® platforms. See System Requirements for detailed requirements.

Class Kit License (CKL)

As many as 30 students can simultaneously use the software for a class over a school network. Two teaching assistants can also use it to prepare class materials.

License Choice Summary

License Type Multiple Computers Multiple Platforms Multiple Users Client/Server Cluster Computing Network Access
NSL Yes Yes No No No No
CPU No No Yes No No No
FNL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

For full licensing terms, please see the COMSOL License Agreement.